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Lake Wenatchee, Plain, Leavenworth, Cashmere

Living amongst the trees is one of the most enjoyable aspects of life in Central Washington, and maintaining those trees can be a pleasure and a burden. Clifton Tree Service is dedicated to providing solutions to every aspect of "tree life". Whether its pruning and maintaining the trees that you want to keep, or removing the trees that you don't, we can provide the necesary services in a safe, clean, efficient manner.



Jonny Clifton established his reputation as an arborist while climbing trees for Connor Craig and Wildfire Home Protection. After three successful years he purchased the tree service portion of that business in 2018 and continues to serve a long list of over 800 loyal customers while working hard to build new relationships with folks all over the valley.



Free Estimates, Competitive and Fair Rates



As much as we love our trees there comes a time when they need to be taken down. Quite often this work is performed in areas that require intricate rigging and complicated techniques in order to preserve structures, landscaping, utilities, etc. Clifton Tree Service prides itself in being able to safely remove any tree, regardless of size or access, with minimal damage and impact to your propety.


There are many reasons to consider pruning and trimming trees on your property. From maintaining their health and appearance, to reducing the potential for them to burn in a forest fire, we can discuss every option available to you and come up with a plan that suits you best. No two trees are alike, and every situation requires input from the arborist as well as the homeowner. Clifton Tree Service strives to work closely with our clients to provide an outcome that is good for the both them and their trees.



Removing and pruning trees is dirty work. One of the most consistent compliments we have received over the years is our attention to detail in regards to cleaning up our work sites and reducing impact on your property. We use a wood chipper and dump truck to haul away all smaller diameter logs and branches, and put a lot of attention to detail into raking and gathering up all the the material that came down out of the trees. Our goal is to make it look like we were never there, even if the days job was to remove a giant tree from the middle of your landscaped yard.

Stump Grinding

For many of our clients the final phase of a tree removal project is the removal of the stump. Our machine easily fits through narrow gate openings and into tight spaces where many of the trees that we work on are located. In addition to it's compact size the ginder is on tracks and does very little damage to lawns and landscaping. We have the ability to grind stumps to about 12 inches below the surrounding grade and create an opportunity for you to plant fresh grass or landscape as if the tree was never there. 


Hazard Tree and Storm Damage

Winter storms and high wind can cause sudden and unexpected failure of the trees on your property, resulting in damage to your structures or with trees that are uprooted, broken or hung up in the surrounding trees.  Often times these events can be time sensitive and require specific techniques and equipment. We have encountered many of these situations over the years and are equipped to handle a wide variety of scenarios.  We understand that these problems often can't wait for an opening in the schedule and we will do our best to prioritize your needs.


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Quality Service = Outstanding Results

"Jonny and team have come and helped me with problem trees over the past 6 years and have always done an amazing job of both falling trees and helping me with a “plan” for the future on my property given the health of my trees. Very service excellence oriented with great support help. I will continue to highly recommend Jonny and team to my friends and neighbors in the Lake Wenatchee Plain area."

Dennis B

"Very impressed by Johnny and his crew! He came out to provide a bid the same day that I called him, and got the work done in half the time I expected it to take. They guys were very professional and they left the yard cleaner than it was when they arrived. Absolutely no complaints, and I'd definitely recommend them!"

Fletcher F

"They removed an 80 foot tree and trimmed many others where I work and did a great job! They were very professional and made the property look amazing!"

Sarah W

"Being new to the Leavenworth area I needed to find someone to remove several large trees for me. I was recommended to Clifton Tree Service by another company who was unavailable for several weeks. Johnny Clifton was able to come out within a day or two and he removed three large Ponderosa pines. Not only did he chip the branches into mulch for me he also cut all of the big wood into firewood rounds and stacked it all up for me. He did such a great job that I had him come back two more times to remove several other trees. I am very impressed with Johnny's work, his professionalism and his friendly hard working attitude. I highly recommend Clifton Tree Service to anyone that I talk to that needs tree service work done."

Thanks Johnny!!

Brian O

"Johnny and Ryan arrived ahead of schedule, and were extremely helpful in removing a large tree. The tree was only supposed to be trimmed, but after some advice from Johnny and Ryan decided to remove the tree. They removed it for no extra charge, which was greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend their services to others, and would definitely do business with them again!"

Zachary E

"Excellent service, very professional, cleaned every bit of debris from the yard. I've recommended Clifton Tree Service to all my friends, Jonny really knows his stuff! Thanks Jonny, great job!"

Rise' M

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